Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3000 miles later

I'm back at home. I need to get away from doing one post a month and get closer to doing one post a week. 

I made $300 bucks on a photoshoot a week and a half ago and that marked the beginning of a stellar time.

Bobby, Austin and I went on a road trip last week, I must say it was pretty intense. We went from Palmetto to Daytona, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Atlanta (as well as GA country) then up to Charlotte and Boone, NC. All of the stops were essentially awesome. The stress, frustration, irritation, and agitation along the way was all part of the fun; such things allowed the creation of quotes such as "Shut Up, Shut Up, Just shut the fuck up!" (me) "Guys, I have a confession to make... I don't have any idea where we are" (Austin in b.f.e. GA) "I love Deathcab, now let me touch your titties" (Sketch-ass Stephen before our free Death Cab concert) and many others. I don't even know where to start with the stories. Bobby fell down a set of river rapids and almost died, Austin lit a ridiculous amount of firecrackers while we drove, in Paul's house, in parking lots and God knows where else. We scalped $110 worth of tickets at a concert and got in for free. I did 30+mph on my longboard down a massive hill in Atlanta, then almost got run over by Austin who was driving next to me in the car. Ah, I can't forget the ridiculous amount of scratch-off tickets we bought. Surprisingly we came out ahead when all was said and done. Austin broke a pool stick on his ribs. Bobby's grandmother talked about titty-tassles. We endured an endless tour around Tallahassee from Bobby's awesome grandfather. It was a good tour, we were just exhausted. At one point while driving, Bobby said "Grandpa, I think they passed out" and Austin texted me "I'm not sleeping, just contemplating my suicide." 

I really love North Carolina. Paul's house was great, the weather and city were great as well. With the exception of lacking a decent place to sleep, I wouldn't have changed much about the house. 

The end of the trip was a bit rough though, when we realized all of the schoolwork that we had put off, and that my mother was going to swallow each of our souls for not being back to Atlanta on time. Austin and I ended up staying an extra day and riding home with my Mother. Slight mistake, but it gave way to great pictures in the factory of creepy-ass babydolls A.K.A. American Girl. 

I really need to get back on top of life, I'm lulling in my anticipation of moving away, graduation, and everything associated. 

It'll all work out. 

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