Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you ever...

had an idol? I hope so. 

Been in love? 

Me too. 

If your answer is no, then you're an absolute liar. 

The reason I haven't written anything in the past few weeks is because I haven't had the words. I've crossed my entire range of emotion multiple times in less than a month. That is not surprising. What is surprising is that when I've crossed them, it has been in less than an hour, well, in most cases at least. Some feelings last longer than others. 

I'm feeling crazy and strung out. 

I'm excited to move, but recent events make me feel reluctant and nervous. I don't want to leave people I love and care about, I don't want to abandon prospective relationships and lucrative opportunities. Lucrative opportunity is for once at the bottom of my priorities which indicates to me that my personality is shifting in a time of duress. The duress is indefinite and I'm incapable of describing it. 

Maybe I'm just paranoid. 


It's present in all it's magnificence and terror. It is also indefinite. 

Short statements, continually punctuated and indicative of my mental voice speaking it's opinion. 

I'm lost and found. It's bizarre. 

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