Monday, March 23, 2009

To sum it all up:

This was most of my weekend in pictures.

There are more to come, specifically of Carl and Matt on Friday night.
All in all I had a decent weekend. Hanging out at James' house is always an adventure, especially with two of your best friends. Good inside jokes, epic video game battles, the works. Staying at Carl's on a Friday night is always a hellishly frightening experience [his house is haunted] only to wake up and attend an even more frightening day of a fashion show directed entirely by volunteer, middle-aged women. I would've rather taken my chances in the Sahara for a week. If it weren't for my Mother, then it would not have been at all. In any aspect. Due to lack of sleep I went home and crashed for about five hours, only to be roused by several missed calls and angry texts from Sydney, my mother, and Bobby. In summation, they said "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, MAN?!" I jumped up and headed over to Bob's for a night of dramatic fun.
Saturday night was excellent with the exception of the fact that my girlfriend decided to leave me. Her act of impulse was somewhat enlightening.
In spite of my undesirable "single" status Sunday was another amazing day with close friends. Bobby specifically, as well as Leah, Erin, and eventually Carl.

I'm pretty sure you've stopped reading by now, and if you haven't that's awesome because now you're privy to some juicy stuff.

Shannon and I are not apart because she wants to be, we're apart because of me. I think it is the best decision to stay broken-up. Reasons being, if she can't stand me being away 3 to 5 days out of the week presently, how are things going to be when I move to Tallahassee and will be gone for months at a time. Things won't be pretty, and if we don't make the right decision now it will be that much worse in the end. I do not believe she and I would make it and the road to breakup once I move away would be that much more stressful and difficult on both sides.

I'm trying diligently to make the mature decision and better both of us in the long run. The worst part is I don't dislike Shannon in the least bit. She is a great girlfriend for all intensive purposes, and if I were to stick around things would most likely be dandy. But I am not; therefore, things will be pretty much awful. 

Sometimes things are just a raw deal from the start. 

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  1. i never said where the fuck are you lol. it was just a concerned WAKE UP because bobby and i needed you to come join the excitement lol