Thursday, March 19, 2009

I haven't written anything in a while...

ironically, the events of the past few weeks are the type that usually propel me to write. I guess I've simply let things brew. A friend of mine shot himself last week, at first I didn't take it too hard. It bothered me how Carl and I had been talking about how we had not seen him in months and that in his absence we missed his antics. We casually joked about "I wonder if he's dead, I sure hope not" etcetera, no less than a week later I notice Jeremy, his brother, posted a prayer for his brother as his facebook status. Through my six years of knowing Andrew and part of his family, specifically Jeremy on casual terms, I knew that this post was not made in leisure.

No less than three days later I find myself alongside Carl, Bobby, Matt, Jacob, Aaron and the rest of our middle-school group in Klichter Fueneral Home at Andrew's viewing. Unbeknownst to most of us, Andrew had been away and dealing with severe depression, drug issues to an extent, and an array of other issues. In public I usually try to appear pretty bullet-proof and I'm not one to cry, but the weight of the day seemed to have gotten the best of me. Specifically when I saw Jeremy and when Andrew's parents took the podium to speak in memory of their son. It upsets me to think about it now.

The image of that Saturday has really been bothering me ever since. My dreams have been odd, I dreamt of my maternal grandmother last night which hasn't happened in months. The summation of her dream was some kind of fictitious justification of her abrupt passing, supposedly she'd faked it to avoid financial hardship? Dreams aren't made to make sense I suppose.

Other things have been going on as well. Relationship difficulties due to differing agendas and my general indifference. A bad experience on St. Patrick's day with a close friend of mine, the kind that knocks down one's expectations of other people.

There are other things to write about, but none of the remaining negative is substantial enough to mention or I'd simply rather not.

On with the positive.
I've taken a lot of photos over the past two weeks, some better than others. I had the privilege of shooting Alli Lopez's wedding with professional glass, thanks to a very amiable photographer Britt. His work can be found a I also ventured up to St. Petersburg today with Logan, Katherine, and Taylor. It was pretty much awesome and served it's complete function, which was equally as great. The trip began with Taylor calling me about her bad two weeks saying she wanted to get out of town, I almost automatically agreed and Katherine and Logan were dragged in somewhere. We went to Tyrone Square, which in my opinion barely stands above DeSoto, if you're from Bradenton then you know exactly what I mean. On the way up I made a stop-motion, but I stopped shooting when I got tired of holding my camera, which was a bummer because the video actually turned out great.



These are a few of many, to post them all seems like it would be too much.

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