Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You can't...

force inspiration. One can possess all the creativity in the world, but creativity without inspiration is like an engine without fuel.

I guess I'm out of fuel.

I did some mellow shots today.

I wonder what the general population of Parrish thought when they witnessed some hippie kid walking around in barbed wire and bushes with a industrial sized camera in his hand.

"The queer-o-sexuals are invading!"

I have another Ringling shoot this Wednesday; I'm stoked.

About the inspiration thing, since Saturday I haven't been able to mix any music. I'm just not satisfied with what's being produced. I think I need to venture back to basics.

...to be continued. (12:27am 02/24/09)

...continued (12:34am 02/24/09)

I've got it.

Citing Spaced, season two: episode two.

I really am turning into Brian. You would have to watch the series to understand, but basically Brian is the starving modern artist of the flat.

Here, watch from 1:43 until the end of the scene. You'll get it.

Bastard wouldn't let me embed it.

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